Saint Marie Records

Difference Engine

Difference Engine released a series of 7” records on La-Di-Da America and Swirling Worlds, leading to their debut release, Breadmaker in 1994, also on La-Di-Da America. The band then recorded a follow up record, but before it could be released, the band moved on to a different style. Therefore, the follow up was never released. Breadmaker became a much sought-after classic shoegaze record that now has been remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time. Look for the long lost sophomore release to also be released on Saint Marie next year.


Hooray. A "new" American band that's worth getting excited over. First of all, few U.S. bands seem to have any interest in ethereal sounds mixed with the power of fast tempos, of mixing sonics with impolite hard, steady rock, but this Providence group is instantly impressive. Imagine a way-better version of the few truly great songs by the young Drop Nineteens (only much deeper and more penetrating, and without the unfortunate MBV fixation), or even the Belltower via "In Hollow." There's an urgency to all the material that's particularly great, as if Difference Engine were perpetually carried away by the rush, and that's a great effect. The songs are well constructed and interesting, and consistently exciting. Most of all, there's a depth, a resonance to their billowing sound that catches one right from the opening chords following right through the whole of this LP. 16 years after Joy Division's landmark Unknown Pleasures, it's good to see bands still can find new niches to mine in the darker side of agonizing yet beautifully moving, textural, subconscious rock. This one's a real strong keeper. - "Jack Rabid"