Saint Marie Records

Keith Canisius

Keith Canisius, American born (Cambridge MASS.) living in Copenhagen Denmark is determined to create beautiful, mood elevating, dreamy pop music sometimes with an explosive edge other times with a smooth and tender bedroom Stubbornly he’s been practicing and learning how to produce his music on his own, putting out records every year since.

Keith Canisius hates and loves genres so much, that he has decided not to worry about them anymore and just make whatever music he wants. After releasing 4 albums an Ep and attending various remix and compilation albums in 4 years, Keith Canisius is starting to wake up from a long dream where this time it’s our high is sounds like an interesting transition to a new one. Self-taught musician and producer, which quit high school music and guitar lesson early on, because he hated the rules and systems forced upon him. In his work anything goes if it makes you let go.

Keith Canisius is the only guy in Denmark creating this kind of music whatever fenre or style it’s called Chill wave, dream wave/pop, Shoegaze. His new album is slightly out of genre reach.