Saint Marie Records


Resplandor was brought to life in early 1996 with a sound influenced by shoegaze and noise pop. The debut EP “Sol De Hiel” was resleased in 1998. Their long awaited inaugural live performance was hailed a success after selling out the Bauhaus Club. With several gigs behind them, in 1999 the band went into the studio to record their debut album “Elipse” which was released in February 2000. Tracks from the album appeared on different international compilations such as: “Picnic Basket” from Shelflife Records, “Orange Pop” from Losing Today magazine, “Atlantic Flowers” from Alison/Clairecords/Midsummer Madness, “Test Tones vol.1″ from Clairecords/Tonevendor and more.

Resplandor hooked up with Alison Records from Germany in 2002, which released “Ambar” in September 2002. The album received great reviews followed by a tour on the US East Coast. They also played at the Fuga Jurásica 5 Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In April 2005, the band contributed a cover of “The Killing Moon” for the Echo and The Bunnymen tribute album, which was released by Spain’s Lunar Discos.

In October 2006 the band released a split CD with The Radio Dept. and then another in May 2007 with the band Mahogany.

Their last studio album P L E A M A R was released in March 2008 and was completely recorded, produced and mastered by Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins. It also features the collaboration from Andrew Prinz & Ana Breton of Mahogany and Scott Cortez from Lovesliescrushing and Astrobrite. The album is comprised of 9 songs with a mixture of shoegaze/electronic sounds, melancholic melodies, and lyrics that stand out to complete this production.

Since its release, the band has been promoting the album across North and South America including festivals SXSW 2010, SXSW 2011. Resplandor has performed live with bands such as: The Jesus and Mary Chain, House Of Love, Asobi Seksu, The Radio Dept., Ulrich Schnauss, Robin Guthrie, Lovesliescrushing, Mahogany, Airiel, Elika, Mark Gardener (Ride), Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) and more.