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Scarlet Youth

Scarlet Youth is a indie pop band rooted in Finland, which features in its ranks members from Iconcrash, ShamRain, Kemopetrol & Sidewaytown. The band took its first steps back in spring 2004; Back then the passion to create shoegaze music in a vein of the genre’s legends, such as Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse etc. finally came true in form of a few songs. In the beginning this yet unnamed band lived only in Kalle’s hard drive, with no further plans of releasing something or finding other musicians for the band.

In autumn 2007 the spark came alive again and many new songs were written as well as some re-arranging of the old songs was done. At the time Markus Baltes joined the Scarlet Youth as vocalist. The name is taken from 1920s short movie. In 2008 Jaani Peuhu and Riku H. Mattila joined the band while making of the first EP “Breaking the Patterns“ . Also Marko Soukka joined Scarlet Youth as guitarist during that time.

Scarlet Youth claimed already much positive attention among the music fans around the world and with the release of debut album “Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone“ in 2010, band received great reviews also from music media. The debut album was released in Japan by Quince Records. Two years after the release of the debut album. Scarlet Youth has finished their second album “The Everchanging View“ which introduces slightly evolved sound of the band; indie pop with touch of analog synthesizers, layers of percussions, heavy use of strings, lively bass lines and breezy vocals – All wrapped up into a beautiful dreaminess. Influences absorbed from artists of 70s up until today.