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The Cherry Wave

"If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating" ~ Sylvia Plath

Formed in 2012 and having supported the likes of Nothing, Ringo Deathstarr, Paws and The Telescopes, The Cherry Wave are a noise-laden, fuzz-obsessed four-piece from Glasgow, Scotland. Taking equal inspiration from Shoegaze, Noise and Hardcore Punk, their approach has been to make music which is aggressive and urgent while also washed out, blurry and hazy. The guitars are like an explosion in a fuzz pedal factory and the vocals sound like they were recorded inside a black hole. This has resulted in them creating a very unique and individual sound.

Some stuff people said:

Dom Gourlay (Drowned In Sound):
"Amidst a fug of reverb and feedback, The Cherry Wave purvey a distortion heavy wall of noise Alan McGee would have done cartwheels over back in the day."

Michal Sapir (
"Their music gives you the feeling of walking down the street in the early evening and overhearing a band sound-checking in some basement venue for a later show, and deciding you must go and see them. Only that the stumbled-across, overheard, strangely-compressed sound is the actual sound of the band. They sound like Dinosaur Jr. without the contrary drawl, The Jesus and Mary Chain without the cynicism, The Telescopes without the pseudo-complications, and just wonderfully and oddly without."

Fuzzy Logic (blog):
"Crackles of distortion and robust riffs mingle with muddy, haunted vocals. There's a beautiful darkness to The Cherry Wave, and it reminds me a lot of a Scottish winter sky, brittle cold and velvet dark and calling for a stiff drink (or five)."

The Scotsman Radar:
"The Cherry Wave have crafted songs awash with melody and reverb – in thrall to their idols perhaps, but there’s a distinct Scottishness to the sounds that is no mere facsimile of anyone in particular. While the band may claim to be gazing at their shoes at the moment, we reckon it won’t be for too long."

TPR Online Magazine:
"The Cherry Wave is a shoegaze band from Glasgow creating structures of echo drenched fuzz and distortion while also incorporating melody. A sonic trawl through dark muddy gaze. If ever there was a way to “Drown in Sound” this is it."
"Sounds like a crash in slow motion, in an aeroplane"