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Blackstone Rngrs - Descendant SMR041


Release Date: 02/25/14

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Pressing Information

1. Descendant Of
2. You Never
3. Judas Tree
4. Frozen Echo
5. Nights//Days
6. Endless Sky

6 tracks of noisepop and synthgaze.

Blackstone Rngrs clawed their way through North Texas’s urban mantle, finding the blood connections necessary to drink from their fermenting sonic emotions. The sacred marriage blends affection for modern electronic music with an urgent fetish for classic 4AD dreampop and noise. The orgy happens when swirls of orgasmic synthesizers embrace dripping guitars and tantric rhythms and pulses. Healthy doses of noise are always comforted by soft waterbeds of the ambient and dreamy.

After gaining regional admiration for their first EP (2012) and touring the U.S. with a stop at SXSW 2013, the trio has set their sights on more touring and the release of “Descendent” (Saint Marie Records) in 2014.

Blackstone Rngrs are:
Ruth Ellen Smith: Vox, Synth, Drum Machine
Derek Kutzer: Vox, Guitar
Daniel Bornhorst: Acoustic Drums