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Jetman Jet Team - Music for the Metabolists SMR053

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Release Date: 05/06/14

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Completed in early 2012 but unreleased for 2 years, "Music for the Metabolists" is an EP originally designed to be an abstract compliment to 2013's "We Will Live The Space Age." Comprised entirely of manipulated sounds found or recorded on cassettes, the album is intended to explore the themes and aesthetics of the 1960's experimental Japanese futurist architecture group The Metabolists.

Available on Neon Sigh and Saint Marie Records

1 I Am The Human Race
2 Jetty Subject
3 Giggle Puddle
4 Tiny Touch
5 Ambigrams
6 Capsule Music
7 Make It Right
8 Secret Sunshine
9 God Reflects Air and Color
10 Graph Space
11 70 Levels of Orange
12 I'll Go For Red
13 Geometry In Love
14 Don't Call Me 'Goodnight'
15 The Experience
16 Boat Song