Saint Marie Records

Thee Koukouvaya / This is The Mythology of Modern Death SMR072

Pressing Information

Release Date: 10/09/15

Vinyl limited to 250
CD limited to 25 and only sold via this site

Thee Koukouvaya is the conceptual aural sister city to Vilandredo, Rethymno, on the island of Crete. The group’s architects, based on the East Coast, approach post-rock inflected techno, ambient, and IDM with an eye for depth and structure, assembling crystalline lattices of meticulously programmed drum patterns, frenetically sequenced analog synthesizer rhythms, and luxuriant glacial drones.

Both ominous and celebratory, Thee Koukouvaya engineer inhuman otherworldliness steeped in sci-fi paranoia. The result is a deliberately damaged music, generating a sonic liminal space between the organic and the mechanical. This is the mythology of modern death.

The Magnetic State
Chicago Warehouse Party, 1995
Drunk Machine
40.207958, -74.041691
Phantoms In The Last Age
Prismatic Sun
A Life In A Portolan Chart