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Shortwave Broadcaster / Trying To Envision Memory SMR092

Pressing Information

Shortwave Broadcaster aka Keith Canisius, Rumskib takes off, where he left us with his former EP release, “Everything You Do is Deja Vu”,
but the tracks on “Trying To Envision Memory” sound darker and more massive. He manipulates his guitars to an almost excessive extent, but keeps them in line with a clear structure.
The longer tracks on this mini album, gives the listener a chance to dig a little deeper than before.

The music could be described as being surreal, dreamy and ambient.
People digging Keith Canisius, Tim Hecker, William Basinski, Sci-fi moods, experimental guitars and quiet moments should give Shortwave Broadcaster a listen.

1. Trying
2. To
3. Envision
4. Memory