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Seasurfer / Dive In (the Weimar session) SMRCX006

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Release Date: 4/26/16

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Under Water (Weimar Mix)
Hide (Weimar Mix)
Winterblume (Weimar Mix)
We Run (Weimar Mix)
The Big Panthers War (Weimar Mix)
Dragon Song (Weimar Mix)

It has been two years since I started mixing the first songs for the album "dive in" with Harald Löwy via his Kalinkaland studio in Weimar, Germany. Harald is also the mastermind of the German Dreampop band "Chandeen" and a long-time friend. He is one of the few friends with whom I can work in such an important, creative, and crazy atmosphere. Then fool around, drink, and just ... make music! However, because we are also artists, and each has his own ideas, I clashed with Harald after this first session. That was a hard time, but time also heals wounds.

Over the last six months, I have again been in contact with Harald, and in February of this year, we recorded the vocals for the new Seasurfer album with him in Weimar. It felt as if nothing stood between us and we had a really good time.

Due to this, it seemed fitting to publish the six mixes from the first "dive in" session now. Please enjoy, as a thank you to our friends, fans, and the supporters of our US label "Saint Marie Records" as a free download for all the club members.

Dirk Knight / Seasurfer