Saint Marie Records

Bloody Knives / The Descent SMR114

Pressing Information

Release Date: March 6th, 2017
Liquid Filled Lathe Cut 7" Single (45 RPM)
Each Made By Hand
Limited To 20 (only 15 being sold)
Includes A Digital Download Of The Track

Limited to 20, these take almost two hours each to make by hand (hence the hefty price tag) and features an unreleased Bloody Knives track "The Descent". Keep an eye out for other exclusive items and sign up for the SMR Club (vinyl edition) to be guaranteed a chance to purchase these exclusive items before they go on public sale.

**NOTICE*** The liquid inside these records will stain and by purchasing this item you assume all responsibility. These are not toys and should not be bent, twisted, pushed on, thrown etc. They should be kept in a cool dry place.

Please note that this lathe embossed record was made one-at-a-time, in real-time, by a real person, from plexiglass using an experimental process and 70-year-old machines. It is NOT a pressed record and may have slightly more surface noise or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies, and will sound somewhat different than the original master. The volume will also be a little lower than a modern “post-loudness-war record, so pump up the volume. It won’t be audiophile, but it ought to sound pretty good considering the circumstances of its birth. It might also require tonearm and anti-skate adjustment in order to track correctly due to the hard plastic having slightly shallower grooves than a traditional record. If it sounds over distorted, lift the needle and drop it again (possibly several times), or gently tap the front of your turntable, in case the needle gets caught on the side of the groove or between the grooves.

If the center hole is too tight for your spindle, gently try and push it down over the spindle close to the hole, do not try and push down from the outside of the record. These records are lighter may need to be a little tight on the spidle. If it is still too tight, gently use one arm of a pair of scissors to widen the hole.
These records will NOT degrade or harm your needle or cartridge.

If you have any problems or questions, email us at